About Me

MypicI am a South Indian Home Maker. I am proud of my roots and as all traditional south Indians go, I cook well and love to write and talk about food. There is more to me than just that, I am a qualified Computer Science graduate, a very good programmer, useful designer and an accomplished Carnatic singer too.

When I was growing up, I used to watch my mother in awe when she took simple ingredients and made mind boggling dishes out of them. This irked my interest in cooking and I embarked on a wonderful journey to learn and enjoy the art of cooking.

Having been brought up in a Tamil Brahmin family, my whole circle of relatives were veritable treasure troves of deep rooted knowledge in traditional cooking styles and variations. That helped me a lot when I got married. My husband too is very interested and intrigued by the culinary arts and hence life after marriage helped to get me better at this.

When I was mulling about an online presence, the first thought that hit me was a cooking blog. And here we are! If there is any specific type of dish/cooking that you want me to look into, just let me know and I will.

You can keep in touch with me through Facebook or come and follow my posts on Twitter.

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~ Hema