How Make Kozhukkattai Outer Covering or Choppu

We have to make kozhukkattai choppu or outer covering for stuffing the pooranam. I am giving the procedure for making the choppu here. You have to make this carefully by touching your hands in oil preferably gingilly oil. Otherwise the choppu will break. Care should be taken that you should not stuff too much fillings. Then also the covering will break.

Method :

  • Make small balls out of the rice dough. (as per How To Make Kozhukkattai Mavu / Flour)
  • Shape it into a cup with your fingers.
  • Place 1 teaspoon of the prepared filling and cover to form a modhak shape – i.e bring all the end of the cup together. You will get a round ball with a cone on top.
  • While doing this keep the kozhukattai in your left palm and close your hand and collect the extra dough by your right fingers.
  • Make these Kozhukkatais with any of the following fillings. Like coconut poornam, thil poornam, sweet channa poornam or udud poornam.
  • Steam in a pressure cooker without weight for 3 – 5 minutes. (You can use an idli stand to steam Kozhukkatais.)
  • Allow to cool for 10 minutes before removing from the cooker.
  • Your kozhukatais are ready for neivedyam.

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